Who should programa Treatment of psychosomatic disorders:

  • When frequent exacerbations of asthma
  • allergic pathology
  • People of intellectual labor
  • When violations of the chair
  • People with frequent abdominal pain
  • People, insomniacs
  • People, experience chronic stress
  • People with spinal abnormalities
  • Patients with skin disease
  • Patients with pain in the heart
  • People, experiencing great physical exertion
  • People, experiencing great emotional stress
The main treatment of psychosomatic disorders is psychotherapy, first treatment word. If necessary, connect medical therapy in the form of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety agents. more

Who should programa program for the treatment of vegetative-vascular dystonia:

  • Transient age periods
  • Recovering from injuries and operations
  • In adapting to the new conditions of life and work
  • At high mental and physical stress
Vascular dystonia - is not a disease, but rather a set of conditions, in which there is a disturbance, and the nervous system discoordination, internal organs and spine. more

Who should programa Treatment of scoliosis in children. School for Parents:

  • Children who move a little
  • Children with disorders of skeletal development
  • scoliosis
  • Children with postural disorders
  • After injuries and operations on the spine
  • Chastoboleyuschie children
  • Children with pain in the back
The Flexis clinic has developed a program for parents and children, by which establishes the cause of scoliosis and movement patterns of the child, infringement, which led to a change in behavior. more

Who is the Program programa treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome:

  • Managers
  • Office workerand
  • senior officials
  • People of creative professions (doctors, the teacher, lawyers, notaries etc.)
Chronic fatigue syndrome (SHU) - disease, It is most prevalent in Europe. The disease is characterized by prolonged fatigue, not eliminated even after long rest. more

Who should programa backache for "SPINE" program / "SUPPORT":

  • Conditions after injuries and surgeries on the spine
  • Acute and chronic diseases of the spine
  • Congenital and acquired disorders of the spine
  • Static and dynamic loads on the back
A special program was created in Flexis center for the treatment of back pain, called "pillars" more

Who should programa Complex treatment of joints – program «STEP» / «STEP»:

  • When age-related changes
  • Athletes
  • When professional changes
  • People with metabolic disorders
The "STEP" - This phased comprehensive treatment of the joints, which is aimed at all the links in the pathogenesis. more

Who should programa Treatment and prevention of sports injury «START» / «START»:

  • People with disorders of the musculoskeletal system
  • When diseases of the spine
  • When a traffic violation and walk
  • The presence of nervous system diseases
  • Athletes
  • Recovery after complicated operations
Professionals of our clinic developed a comprehensive program of treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of sports injuries «START» / «START» more

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