Treatment of scoliosis in children. School for Parents

In this video, we'll, How is the treatment of scoliosis in our clinic

In this video, we'll, How is the treatment of scoliosis in our clinic

The Flexis clinic has developed a program for parents and children – treatment of scoliosis in children, by which establishes the cause of scoliosis and movement patterns of the child, infringement, which led to a change in the child's behavior. Our experts will establish the causes curvature of the spine, or help detect the disease provoking factors. The program is designed for different age categories, including young children, beginning with 6 years. During this period, the problem of incorrect posture and curvature of the spine become relevant, because in this age, the child goes to school, growing social stress, changing its movement patterns. These changes are often the impetus for the development of scoliosis, detrimental since the load distribution on the spine leads to its curvature.


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stages of treatment

Inspection specialists and diagnostics


Complex modern survey the most accurate method to establish the reasons and the main elements of the development mechanism of scoliosis in a child. In time to take the necessary measures and appropriate treatment

Development of strategy and tactics of treatment


proper treatment, It includes physiotherapeutic methods, manual therapy, methods of spinal traction, exercise therapy, kinezioterapiû. Initially are trained musculoskeletal, to this end, an individual program with a set of specific exercises and corrective procedures.

dynamic observation


In step dynamic monitoring ongoing therapeutic and restorative procedures. Selection and training of individual exercises. Kinezioterapiya- is a very important point in the treatment of scoliosis, it depends on the patient, of its desire to do.

supporting activities


This stage includes a multi-level long-term support in the form of physical support and rehabilitation measures. From time to time the survey is conducted for possible deviations, under which produced a preventive strategy or maintenance therapy. It may also be carried out unscheduled medical status when exposed to sudden provoking factors.

Treatment of scoliosis in children. School for Parents, price:

An appointment for 5 minutes

Benefits of the program prior to the mono-therapy

High effectiveness of treatment

Convenient for you during treatment

Permanent individual medical supervision

An integrated approach to treatment

It is intended for the treatment of diseases:

  • Scoliosis
  • incorrect posture
  • spinal curvature
  • Back muscles dystrophy
  • back asymmetry
  • Pain syndrome
  • Violations of spinal mobility
  • Psihosomatika
  • Physical inactivity
  • Passive lifestyle