Why is there pain in the back?18.10.2017

Back pain has many faces. And if you do not identify the cause of, deal with it is very difficult, and at times useless.

First the most common cause of back pain are considered to be age-related changes structures spinal motor segment (intervertebral joints, CDs, dura, musculo-ligamentous apparatus). These are diseases, as osteochondrosis, spondilёz and spondyloarthrosis. As arthrosis of the hip joint - a common cause of back pain.

The second reason for the list in popularity are the spine injury or joints. Moreover, the statute of limitations does not apply here - can cause pain as the recent, and the long-forgotten injury, received in childhood.

Next - metabolic disorders. If failure occurred in the body due to internal diseases, disturbed metabolism, It is resulting in a change in the relevant sections of this body spine. In diseases of the endocrine glands may occur such bone diseases, as osteoporosis (bone destruction) or osteomalacia (their softening). And in the, In both cases, back pain, you're assured.

Next on the list put the inflammatory processes of the spine (including infectious nature). Inflammation may in themselves vertebrae (spondilitы), in the vertebral joints (spondiloartritы), as well as in the sacroiliac joints (sacroiliac). Such inflammatory changes give the body and systemic diseases.

diseases of muscles (miozitы and myalgia) also give a fairly strong pain in the back.

How view, backache, a symptom of a number of quite diverse diseases. And it says, that begin to address the problem should be only after a thorough study of experienced professional and additional diagnostics.

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