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Almost all neurological diseases may be of hereditary or be a consequence of traumatic injury. Less common neurological disease, caused by complications of infectious diseases.
Such violations as the oblique pelvis and scoliosis, lead to, that some parts of the spine are switched off from the movement, and others bear an increased load, the result is an imbalance of all system elements.
The first inspection of the pediatrician podiatrist necessarily performed immediately after birth to, to exclude congenital bone disease (eg, congenital hip dislocation and dysplasia of the hip and other joints).
In everyday life, It is in constant motion, we rarely think about, how the system works. but, hardly a person has never experienced back pain or joint pain.
In our department employs specialists of the highest qualification, which allows the treatment of trauma of any complexity. Treatment of such diseases is of great importance for each patient, as injury not only severely limits locomotor activity, but also delivers significant discomfort, and in addition, It can lead to serious, sometimes irreversible consequences.
When deciding on a surgical intervention is necessary to choose the most effective and minimally invasive treatment. In our clinic, we are able to conduct such surgeries.
The Flexis clinic is presented as a separate line sports medicine. Sports medicine deals with diseases and injuries, obtained in sports.
Rehabilitation - is the restoration of lost functions of the body. Rehabilitation includes not only recovery methods after serious injury, neurological catastrophes, but also treatment methods for chronic and acute pathologies.
Rheumatological pathology - it is a systemic problem of the body, in advanced cases of rheumatic diseases arise expressed limit movement in joints and spine, also notes the change of internal organs.
Neurosis - a disease, caused by prolonged stress often grieved, that as a result of disruption of psychological adaptation lead to the disruption of the functioning of the higher nervous activity.
Today, modern technologies are introduced in the clinic Flexis, to help solve one of the most urgent problems of aesthetic medicine - it is a problem of ptosis of soft tissues of the face and body.
In today's world, every woman and every man is bound to be beautiful, young, healthy, energetic and creative. And this will help the staff of our clinic.
Cease to solve the problem of excess weight by yourself - consult a specialist. In our laboratory, beauty experienced dietitian can help(solve the problem of excess weight, while not causing harm to health, and improving its!