In this video, we will talk about the treatment of spine specialists vertebrology

In this video, we will talk about the treatment of spine specialists vertebrology

Vertebrology or vertebroneurology - a discipline, which deals with disorders of the spine, pelvic bones, problems of interaction between the nervous system, internal organs and tissues.

Information about admission

Initial consultation

duration of consultation – about 1 o'clock.
cost of consultation – from 450 UAH.

Our advice is more effective than the standard because:

  • We conduct a thorough inspection
  • Neurofascial testing *
  • Conduct diagnostic tests
  • The possibility of setting the final diagnosis
  • Appointed plan diagnostic investigation and referral for diagnosis


cost of – from 300 UAH.

  • Diagnostic Data Analysis
  • staging diagnosis
  • Appointment Software treatment

Formation of diseases and treatment guidelines

Such violations as the oblique pelvis and spinal curvature, lead to, that some parts of the spine are switched off from the movement, and others bear an increased load, the result is an imbalance of all system elements.

In the following there is a formation of diseases such as:

  • osteochondrosis
  • spondyloarthrosis
  • protrusion and herniated discs, often with compression of the nerve roots

Marked disorders of functioning of internal organs and tissues, including brain. In the area of ​​muscular spasm and ligaments develop fibrosis, pathological processes which fixes the spine.

The task of the physician to break these bonds and return the body to its normal capacity to function. To do this, we need to improve movement in the spinal segment, tissue around the spine meals, establish internal organs trophism.

With a highly skilled team «Flexis» clinic and modern equipment it became possible. For the correction we use manual'nye (hand) methods, physiotherapy techniques, pharmacopuncture, kinezioterapiû, computer extension. The treatment takes place gradually convalescence.

Our specialists will always be able to help with the treatment of similar problems, and return your health and your lifestyle.

basic disease:

stages of treatment



At this stage, the human inspection with the definition in various mobilities spine, asymmetry and the presence of curvature at the various levels, sets the level of pain, if necessary, carried out magnetic resonance and computed tomography and other modern methods of examination.

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REMOVAL edema and inflammation


Phase includes the development of a treatment program, including physiotherapy, medical and rehabilitative treatment. The treatment program includes work on a special rehabilitation equipment, Courses psychological recovery, the appointment of medical therapy to address a specialist.

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Improved mobility SPINE


In step dynamic monitoring ongoing therapeutic and restorative procedures, However, patients are given more freedom to control their condition, held only a small correction, depending on the state of health and benchmarks. At the end of this stage are screened, the results of which determine the level of improvement.



This stage includes a multi-level long-term support in the form of physiotherapy, support physical and rehabilitation measures. From time to time the survey is conducted for possible deviations, under which produced a preventive strategy or maintenance therapy. May also be carried out unscheduled treatment courses.

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