Trauma - a medical discipline, studying issues of diagnostics, treatment and prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system (joints, spine, limbs, ligaments and tendons) and skin as a traumatic origin (as a result of household, industrial or sports injury), and developing in various diseases.

Information about admission

Initial consultation

duration of consultation – about 1 o'clock.
cost of consultation – from 450 UAH.

Our advice is more effective than the standard because:

  • We conduct a thorough inspection
  • Neurofascial testing *
  • We do diagnostic tests
  • The possibility of setting the preliminary diagnosis
  • Appointed plan diagnostic investigation and referral for diagnosis


cost of – from 300 UAH.

  • Diagnostic Data Analysis
  • staging diagnosis
  • Appointment Software treatment
  • Selection of medicines

Major trauma treatment

Modern traumatology has been studying the causes of, development of methods of diagnosis and treatment of these major groups of damage:
fractures (complete or partial violation of the integrity of bone as a result of mechanical action).
for example: forearm fractures, collarbone, thigh, bones of the lower leg and foot, etc..

dislocations (damage, wherein the displacement of the contacting articular surfaces, one against another).
for example: dislocation of the shoulder joint, pronation subluxation of the radial head in children, dislocations of the elbow, dislocation of joints in the hand.

tremors (mechanical action on the fabric, resulting in a violation of their functional state with no obvious anatomical abnormalities).
for example: as a result of an accident injury, injury resulting from a fall from a height.

Sprains and fractures (soft tissue damage due to a sudden surge, exceeding the physiological limits of the norm).
for example: stretching and tearing of muscles and ligaments in athletes as a result of excessive load on the upper and lower limbs (shoulder, forearm, brush, hip, shin, ankle joint).

Bruises and abrasions (closed damage to tissues and organs without significant violations of their structure).
for example: soft tissue contusion of the upper and lower extremities, trunk, which is manifested hematomas, Oteki, in the field of trauma pain.

basic disease:

stages of treatment

Inspection specialists and diagnostics


At this stage, the human inspection, with the definition of the level of human health, identification of deviations and diagnosis.

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Development of strategy and tactics of treatment


Phase includes the development of a set of measures, aimed at restoring the patient's health status.

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dynamic observation


In step dynamic monitoring ongoing therapeutic and restorative procedures, However, patients are given more freedom to control their condition,

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Control and prevention


This stage includes a multi-level long-term support in the form of physical support and rehabilitation measures.

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