In this video, we will talk about our principles of diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic diseases

In this video, we will talk about our principles of diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic diseases

Musculoskeletal system of human complex, but thoroughly thought-out mechanism, consisting of 400 muscles, more 200 bones, hundreds of tendons. This well-organized system performs a great job: involved in the fixing and protection of internal organs, It provides motor activity, softens bumps and shocks, It plays an important role in vital processes, such as mineral metabolism, circulation, hematopoiesis.

Information about admission

Initial consultation

duration of consultation – about 1 o'clock.
cost of consultation – from 450 UAH.

Our advice is more effective than the standard because:

  • We conduct a thorough inspection
  • Neurofascial testing *
  • We do diagnostic tests
  • The possibility of setting the preliminary diagnosis
  • Appointed plan diagnostic investigation and referral for diagnosis


cost of – from 300 UAH.

  • Diagnostic Data Analysis
  • staging diagnosis
  • Appointment Software treatment
  • Selection of medicines

Innovations in orthopedics

In everyday life, It is in constant motion, we rarely think about, how the system works. but, hardly a person has never experienced back pain or joint pain.

Daily, home and at work, playing sports and driving a car, we are faced with a variety of injuries. many factors, such as process, car boom, increase the risk of trauma.

All these problems are united by the fact, that they affect the musculoskeletal system. For, so that you realize the seriousness of these diseases, We present some statistical data. Recent studies, conducted by the World Health Organization, indicates the presence of 2/3 the population of our planet's spine and joint diseases of varying severity. According to the frequency of disability orthopedic pathology ranks second after flu. In Ukraine, to register annually 350 thousand. cases of primary joint disease in adults, of which 60% account for people of working age and 150 thousands of cases in children. About 11% patients with disorders of the joints are disabled.

Of course, we are not able to fully protect yourself from accidents, but chronic diseases
spine and joints can be prevented, stop their development, avoiding the need for surgery. It must be remembered, that any disease musculoskeletal system requires professional treatment orthopedic surgeon at the very first symptoms.


basic disease:

stages of treatment



To determine the causes of orthopedic pathology technique used manual muscle testing - one of the key elements of the modern systems of integrative kinesitherapy in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.



At this stage, eliminate the causes, led to violations of the musculoskeletal system, reduced muscle, which was not included in the movement, restore movement, performed by the damaged muscle.

Development of individual software


Kinezoterapevticheskie program are chosen strictly individually for each of our patients, taking into account its history, complaints and study sex, age, anatomical and physiological characteristics, presence and degree of comorbidity.

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