Medical cosmetology

Medical cosmetology

In this video we will explain about the medical cosmetology techniques in our clinic

In this video we will explain about the medical cosmetology techniques in our clinic

Health and beauty - one of the main components of the success of modern man. innovative techniques aesthetic cosmetology used in our clinic can significantly improve the appearance of, restore youth and attractiveness of your face and body. Our best experts in the field medical cosmetology help you to make dramatic changes in your appearance, eliminate cosmetic defects and their causes.

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Information about admission

Initial consultation –


duration of consultation – about 30 -40 minutes.

Procedures and Treatment

After inspecting the specialist we will find therapies and treatments to achieve the best effect.

What is the difference between the aesthetic and medical cosmetology?

Aesthetic Beauty It includes a carefully selected range of measures to slow down the aging process – extension of youth and attractiveness of your face and body. This is a common therapeutic and prophylactic procedures and professional skin care - facial and body massage, masks, wraps, peels, facial cleansing and treatment of problem skin.

Experienced cosmetologists perform individual selection of professional cosmetics for deep cleansing, nutrition, moisturizing and toning your skin.

With the power of modern aesthetic care, you can easily remove the small cosmetic imperfections of your skin - to get rid of wrinkles, pimples, acne, cleanse pores and age spots discolor.

Medical cosmetology - a complete branch of modern medicine, aimed at solving cosmetic problems.

The purpose and objective medical cosmetology - rejuvenation, slowing down the skin aging process and correction of facial defects and figures without the intervention of plastic surgery.

Professional cosmetologists have a broad spectrum of knowledge, not only in the field of dermatology, but Endocrinology, gynecology, nutrition, regenerative medicine, and even psychology. After all, it is important not only to eliminate cosmetic defects, but also to determine their causes.

Due to the unique techniques and modern technology, used in medical cosmetology, you can radically solve most of the problems plaguing your cosmetic non-surgical way.

Aesthetic medical cosmetology - complementary directions in cosmetology. To achieve the maximum positive effect after medical cosmetic procedures should refer to the preventive methods of aesthetic cosmetology and provide a full professional care for your face and body skin. In this case, you will permanently save your youth and beauty.

basic disease:

  • Irregular contours of the face
  • age-related changes
  • Wrinkles and folds
  • Violations of skin nourishment
  • Acne and conditions after they
  • scarring
  • Violations of skin trophism
  • Dryness and loss of skin elasticity

stages of treatment



At this stage, the human inspection, with the definition of the level of human health, identification of deviations and diagnosis. If necessary, a study carried out with the help of modern diagnostic equipment and advice related professionals, the results of which is determined by further treatment plan.

Development of strategy and tactics of treatment


Phase includes the development of a set of measures, aimed at restoring the patient's health status. The range of therapeutic measures is to work on a special rehabilitation equipment, Courses psychological recovery, the appointment of medical therapy to address a specialist. This step is carried out under the supervision of medical staff required to determine the dynamics and correction of medical measures.

Preventive actions


This stage includes a multi-level long-term support in the form of physical support and rehabilitation measures. From time to time the survey is conducted for possible deviations, under which produced a preventive strategy or maintenance therapy. It may also be carried out unscheduled medical status when exposed to sudden provoking factors.

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