Fastsiit- plantar calcaneal spur26.03.2019

plantar fasciitis – more common name - calcaneal spur, which is visualized on X-ray examination as a result of inflammation of the ligament plantar aponeurosis. But the bony overgrowth of the calcaneus does not always occur as the disease process may be associated with stretching or inflammation of the plantar fascia at the point of attachment. Previously it was thought that the disease is associated with loss of elasticity during running or walking fast. It is proved that the cause of plantar fasciitis is a shortening or contracture of the calf muscles and plantar fascia. risk are people who have a sedentary lifestyle, Job, requiring a prolonged stay in the sitting position, very high or low arch of the foot and the constant wearing high-heeled shoes.

Plantar fasciitis is characterized by pain in the heel region of the plantar surface of the feet under a load, especially in the morning. Pain is often worse when walking (propulsive phase of the walk) and after periods of rest. Sometimes there is a searing sharp pain along the medial edge of the sole of the foot when walking.

Early diagnosis and timely treatment, respectively, resulting in the recovery as soon as possible.

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